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RO/DI stages

The forum to discuss the various types of equipment that is utilised to maintain a marine aquarium e.g. pumps, lights, tanks, protein skimmers etc. Also, it is for discussions on how you can do-it-yourself.

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RO/DI stages

Postby Spidy » Fri 20 Sep, 2019 11:09 am

Looking for advice from anyone here who runs and understands the different configurations of RO/DI units.

In particular, the one I bought http://www.aquariumonlinesupplies.co...l#!prettyPhoto has a post Coconut filter that filters the water coming from the bladder tank. Order is as follows:

1. Poly Sediment Filter 5mic - this filter is designed for purity, corrosion and chemical resistance. This removes sand, salt, dirt and rust particles.
2. CTO-10 Carbon Block- this filter is for the effective removal of chlorine, foul taste and other filter problems generated over a long period of time.
3.100GPD Filmtec RO Membrane – This is for the RO desalting through and RO membrane.
4. DI resin cartridge (full), 9¾ Inch deionization cartridge, 480 grains. With colour indicating from Blue to Yellow.
5. T-33 Post inline coconut carbon.

Can I change this to bypass the bladder tank and go directly to the non-pressurised container I bought? Also, most of the units out there don't have this as the 5th stage of filtering. It usually goes:
1. PP sediment filter
2. Granular carbon filter
3. Carbon block filter
4. RO membrane
5. DI resin filter

Also, does anybody actually run this particular unit? The manual it came with is for a much older and more basic unit. :-s
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