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Semi New to Reefing

Just started out in the world of marine aquariums? Daunted by all the information, conflicting advice and just wondering what you should do? This is a forum for all of those that are new to the hobby to ask all and any beginner type of questions.

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Semi New to Reefing

Postby Grubby » Sat 20 Apr, 2019 12:45 pm

Hi Guys, some of you might know me from QLDAF and ANGFA. I am getting back into Marine/Reef keeping purely by accident.

I will explain briefly. I have been an Aquarist on and off for about 36 years, started when I was 12. First had a Marine tank in 1984, fish only, 48x18x15, metal stand, undergravel filter. Very basic did it for about 9 months before Disaster struck and it was stripped down and converted to Central American cichlids. Wow the hobby was pretty basic back then and I was pretty clueless as a 14 year old about saltwater fish keeping, but then again so were most people.

Jump forward to 1990 and I am at university. Decide to have another go at saltwater. Same 48x18x15 comes out and this time gets the back of tank drilled. Home made sump with wet/dry system. Flexible electrical conduit used for intake. Gurgles like a Bastard !!!! Plastic Bioballs. T8 lighting. Live rock, develop love of Dwarf Angels and DottyBacks, remember keeping a coral Beauty and a Potteri Angel I bought from Wonderfish at great expense. Corals and morphs kept and a few small clams. No chiller in those days, but tank in a room under my parents house which was cool in summer. Again 1990 pretty basic times. Managed to keep tank for about 18 months. Coral slowly died off. Hell I had no idea about Kalkwasser and supplements .

Ok jump forward to the 21st century. I get back into fish keeping. Become a dedicated Rainbowfish keeper/collector/breeder. Rhads is my main focus. Always skated around the idea of getting back into the marine side of things, but never quite got there.

Well here is the accidental side of things of getting back into Saltwater. I was at a General Auction a few months back and there was a tonne of Insurance write-off stock from a pet Shop that had had a fire. Tons of Turtle stuff, Dog gear, bird and Aquarium. I was there for other reason's but I thought I might stick around and perhaps by another tank or a filter if the prices were good. Well there was an AQUAONE MiniReef 150 there, complete including sump, protein skimmer, pump, top up etc. Branding spanking new. Only thing missing was the Mariglow light. Anyhow long story short. I picked her up at the Auction for $150 !!!!

Ok 2 months on, after doing my research and re-familiarising myself with saltwater, the tank is situated, the sump is plumbed in and the tank has been filled with freshwater to check for leaks in the system. So far so good. And so we begin the process.

The plan is to run this initially as a Fish only tank, with live rock and as I re-hone my skills and put theory to practice, gradually to reef it.

Will be upgrading much of the equipment as I proceed, with first order of business being the return pump. Will flick the Moray 2300 for something silent and efficient. Looking at Tunze, Sicce and Aquazonic units at the moment. Given what I have saved on purchasing this so well I can afford to push the boat out on Lights etc.

So here is where I am. Will be probably asking the odd dumb question. So not quite a newbie to Marine Aquariums, but a newbie to 21st century Marine keeping, very excited to be taking the first steps.

See you around here,

Lurking Reefer
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