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Cycling a new 75G tank

Just started out in the world of marine aquariums? Daunted by all the information, conflicting advice and just wondering what you should do? This is a forum for all of those that are new to the hobby to ask all and any beginner type of questions.

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Cycling a new 75G tank

Postby sirdanhvt » Sun 31 Mar, 2019 9:46 am

Hi everyone,

I just bought a 75 gallon a month a go together with sand and dry rocks (all used)

After having all setup with tap water filled in and have done serveral tests with the latest result on last friday as below

Temp: 25.5 Degree Celcius
Salinity: 1.025
PH: 8.2
Ammonia: 0.8 ( it seems not to change much since the beggining)
Nitrite: 0.3 (increased from 0)
Nitrate: 50 ( It seems not to change much since the beggining)

My questions now are should I keep waiting a few weeks more or just do 20% water change and add fish ?
What I have with my tank:
- Skimmer
- Bio-filter block (added last two days)
- Heaters
- Light
- Return pump
- Dry rock and sand
- RO filter

Thank you and really appreacite your comments and advices :cheers:
Hi, I am new around here!
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