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New tank - NUVO Fusion 10

Just started out in the world of marine aquariums? Daunted by all the information, conflicting advice and just wondering what you should do? This is a forum for all of those that are new to the hobby to ask all and any beginner type of questions.

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New tank - NUVO Fusion 10

Postby simon.b » Tue 19 Feb, 2019 8:51 pm

Hi Everyone!

I used to keep a marine tank with limited success, I'm pretty sure my lighting was the issue.
I was hoping to start a new tank, I've got limited space so need to be smart about my choices!

I was hoping to keep a few corals, a cleaner shrimp, and hopefully 2 fish - really attracted to Picasso clowns, If it would be safe a goby too.
Comments on stocking appreciated

Here is what I was thinking of buying:

Tank: Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion 10 (I have limited space)
Skimmer: Skimmate Ghost Skimmer Desktop (specifically for that tank)
Light: Aqua Illumination Prime HD LED Light Black, with the flex arm mount
Powerhead: Hydor Koralia Nano Pump/Powerhead - 240 GPH
Extra filter media: chemi pure blue, polyfilter, bio balls - would require filter media caddy for tank.

Considering the above, I have a few questions:
1. is the return pump in the aquarium strong enough? Will there be enough flow with the powerhead?
2. Is the light a good choice? I've seen mixed review but good enough that I'm leaning towards it - I like that I can program it with my phone.
3. Filter media. I kind of just grasped at straws here based on my previous tanks, would love some advice here!

I also need to get a few other essentials and would love some recommendations on what I should go with for the following:
- Salt
- live sand and rock (LFS)
- testing kits (please advise, I was looking at the API Saltwater and Reefmaster kits, but you might have a better insight)
- RO/DI water (enough to fill the tank and a full water change) LFS - or recommendation for safe water I can buy from the supermarket (LFS is hard for me to get to)
- thermometer
- heater
- glass cleaner/scraper thing

Finally - ANY recommendations for things that might not be on my list OR things that I just do not need that are on there. I've been reading up but theres lots of varying opinions out there.


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