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New tank build concept

The forum to discuss the various types of equipment that is utilised to maintain a marine aquarium e.g. pumps, lights, tanks, protein skimmers etc. Also, it is for discussions on how you can do-it-yourself.

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New tank build concept

Postby BlackSesame » Wed 13 Feb, 2019 2:57 pm

Hi guys! New to this forum have kept fish successfully for a while but starting to dip into coral keeping. Currently running a 70L nano with 20l sump i built with a few lps bta hosting pair of clowns and a few gobies. All going well. I would like to attempt to start a larger tank with some sps.

I am planning to build a new tank based off a large peice of 10mm thick curved glass and would like to know if anyone has had much success (or failure) in this area.

The dimensions currently are

1000mm tall
1030mm long
390mm deep

Based on the safety ratio I plan on getting the hieght cut down to about 600mm and have a bottom and back peice cut to fit. Do not mind a little depth and tricky maintenance but lighting im still new too i was thinking 2 kessils 360x would do the job or something similair. I know coral positioning and placement would be important.

My plan is to install an eshopss eclipse M overflow in the centre and send down to 30 gal sump with a fuge and plenty of space for other equipment.

Any word of advice would be much appreciated!
Starting to get the hang of this place
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