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Heliogungia, doing it tuff!!!

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Heliogungia, doing it tuff!!!

Postby Gussie_123 » Sun 22 Jul, 2018 9:39 pm

Hey pretty new to the hobby.

Tanks been up and running for 3months now. My Helio just doesn’t seem to want to play ball. He went well at the start, was opening up better than he was in the shop. Then I bought a thistle which I think I may have placed too close. The Helio shut up shop. He’s made a bit of a come back and opened up a little but is a shadow of his former self. I moved the thistle to start with, o result, moved the Helio, no result, altered the flow, no result. Reluctant to change too much as everything else in the tank is doing special. Water parameters have all been good. Got what looked like a slight reading for phosphates so I’ve just done about a 40% water change and chucked a bag of phosphate remover in the sump. Any one got any ideas of what to try?
Hi, I am new around here!
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