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Aqua One Mini Reef 160 Noise

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Aqua One Mini Reef 160 Noise

Postby maddclimb » Tue 10 Jul, 2018 9:54 am

Hi all,
After a 6 year hiatus from the hobby i am back. I just picked up my new aqua one mini reef 160 on the weekend and am having issues with noise from the overflow pipe. It makes a gurgling noise and produces so much bubbles it actually splashes on the back of the cabinet and starts dripping down.
I went to bunnings hoping to add a ball valve to the pipe to conrol the flow but the pipe size is wierd and doesnt fit.
Should i just remove all the supplied plumbing and build my own? (I know pretty much nothing on plumbing though!).
Or maybe get a new adjustable return pump to control the flow that way?
Not sure what to do but the noise is sooo loud and not a fan of a wet cabinet!
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