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Re coral sand for 6x2x2tank

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Re coral sand for 6x2x2tank

Postby DavidFidone » Fri 29 Jun, 2018 6:07 pm

Hi Guys looking for some where to buy bulk coral base sand for my 6x2x2 tank wanting to have a base of around 100 mm so buying bags is out of the question at the prices they want

Or am I safe to go to an ocean beach and collect my own as I’m in Vic could go down towards Gippsland and collect to ensure it’s clean and not polluted thanks for your advice
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Re: Re coral sand for 6x2x2tank

Postby colg » Fri 29 Jun, 2018 7:57 pm

I wouldn’t collect it.
Have a look at cal grit and see if you like the look.
Very cheap from rural supply shops
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Re: Re coral sand for 6x2x2tank

Postby bimborocks » Fri 29 Jun, 2018 9:02 pm

calgrit is one that I looked at but I went with normal coral sand - I personally wouldn't go a sand bead that deep as its kind of half way between a traditional 'deep sand bed' and a shallow sand bed. I ended up with between 20-50mm deep in my 5x2x2 and from memory that was only 2 bags of 3-5mm coral sand so not expensive at all on the scheme of reefing
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Re: Re coral sand for 6x2x2tank

Postby wrenfeathers » Sun 16 Sep, 2018 10:29 pm


Also, have a think about what livestock you will be keeping. If you want a type of sand sifting goby to help keep your sand bed clean, for example, make sure you know what grain size your substrate should consist of. Different animals quite often require very different and specific grain sizes of substrate.
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