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Cade 400 Skimmer ( Coral Box S150 )

The forum to discuss the various types of equipment that is utilised to maintain a marine aquarium e.g. pumps, lights, tanks, protein skimmers etc. Also, it is for discussions on how you can do-it-yourself.

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Cade 400 Skimmer ( Coral Box S150 )

Postby Adrian120 » Fri 18 May, 2018 10:55 pm

Hi Everyone, I have a new Cade PR400 tank, it came with a skimmer in the package, its an un branded Coral Box S150 Skimmer, I am having major issues with micro bubbles. The skimmer pump is an Atman PH-1100. Every other one of these skimmers I have seen has a 500 pump, could it be that someone accidentally put an over sized pump on it ? its been running for 4 days and is so bad I had to turn it off, because I felt the bubbles in the tank where too much for the fish. I have not been able to find a replacement pump for it in the 500 LPH range in either A/C or DC. Its really doing my head in. I have looked at the post from SkullKill on this subject but it still did not work, even the pump on his looks smaller. Here is the post on his viewtopic.php?t=267487

Any input would be appreciated.



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Re: Cade 400 Skimmer ( Coral Box S150 )

Postby TriggerFishMan » Tue 29 May, 2018 10:02 am

Take it easy and let it run in. I have one for my nano as well and it does a great job. Microbubbles will go away after a week or two.
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Re: Cade 400 Skimmer ( Coral Box S150 )

Postby fsamir » Wed 03 Oct, 2018 5:18 pm

I don't know this exact model, but I had a couple of similar designs over time and this is a common problem with small skimmers like this.
Basically, there is not enough room for more water or more air flow than what the skimmer was designed for. The problem will only stop if you dial the air and water intake.
As you noticed, replacing the pump with one of adequate size is probably the best option.
Other options include restricting the air intake with a air valve and the water intake with some DIY method, until you find the correct amounts.
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