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New Tank & Sump Questions

PostPosted: Wed 27 Mar, 2019 2:59 pm
by jok3r801
Hey Everyone,

First time poster.
Anyway, I have just taken ownership of my first marine tank.
it is a 6ft tank with a sump.

I had done a sketch of what i was looking at doing for the sump setup.
If anyone would like to provide any advice or potential problems they see with what i was proposing to do would be greatly appreciated
I have tried my best to describe the setup in the images.
Another option i was also looking at doing was adding a ATO section in the return pump chamber
What are peoples thoughts on adding the ATO inside the sump as opposed to external to the sump?


Ill try and keep the post updated as i progress with the painting & install of the plumbing etc

Any advice people are willing to provide is greatly appreciated


Re: New Tank & Sump Questions

PostPosted: Wed 27 Mar, 2019 6:30 pm
by colg
Hi Jason!
It looks ok.
Couple of points:
- be careful how high you make the baffles, you need to be able to handle the water returning to the sump in a power outage or when you stop the return for maintenance. Your sketch shows them pretty close to top of sump. You will likely need somewhere around 7-10cm of water level over the baffles depending on your overflow design.
- do you think you will be able to stay on top of maintenance of the filter socks and the filter wool? I don’t run either but have heard you need to stay on top of the weekly if not more often.
- if you have room in the cabinet, I would go for a separate ato compartment.

Re: New Tank & Sump Questions

PostPosted: Wed 27 Mar, 2019 8:28 pm
by jok3r801
Hey Col
Great points to consider thank you for the pointers
I will defiantly look into the baffles to make sure it can take the water returning water
Do you use any kind of mechanical filtration?
Seeing as I am coming from freshwater to saltwater I know the maintenance will be more I had read the socks should be changed every 3 days or so obviously depending on bio load.
Noted on the external ato.

Re: New Tank & Sump Questions

PostPosted: Wed 27 Mar, 2019 9:53 pm
by colg
I switched over to salt about 6 or 7 years ago as well.
Haven’t ever run mechanical filtration. Actually run a pretty basic system, automated, but basic.
I suggest that you find ways to make the maintanence aspect as simple as possible.
The fresh water system I converted from was a highish tech planted system - way more labor intense than reef in n my opinion.

Re: New Tank & Sump Questions

PostPosted: Thu 28 Mar, 2019 10:33 am
by jok3r801
I have taken your advice and reduced the amount of filters that should help reduce the amount of maintenance. well thats what i am hoping anyway lol
i have also had a look at the sump baffle setup should now be able to handle all back flow from tank during maintenance and power outages
Did you have any other thoughts that might help reduce the maintenance also? Keen for as much extra knowledge you wish to pass thru