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Tropicals/Sub-Tropicals in Sydney

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Tropicals/Sub-Tropicals in Sydney

Postby Savage Henry » Wed 04 Mar, 2015 11:59 pm

For anyone interested, I can confirm that some awesome fish have reached Sydney now.

I've been snorkeling at various places around Sydney during this summer and it was only today that I saw a decent variety of tropicals/sub-tropicals. So, I swam with a school of four Moorish idols, annoyed several rectangular triggerfish, one in particular (they grow too large for me to keep), and saw my first butterfly fish (Dusky) this season. Also saw a couple of juvenile tangs I hadn't seen before.

Comparing in aqua the behaviour of the Moorish Idols with the Tangs, one can see why the Idols need a very very very large tank.

Oddly though, no northern damsels.

No cleaner wrasse either (the last one I saw at the same station survived well into winter last year before disappearing).

There were also some great looking all-year round species as well, in particular some beautiful Gregories. There's also a huge amount of baby Hula Fish about and some blennies pretending to be Hula Fish.

Quite happy to snorkel with anyone interested in seeing these in their natural environment, before they (the fish) perish when winter hits.

I heard from a fishermen that yesterday, the current outside was moving north, and I felt that the water was a little cooler today, so it just goes to show how vulnerable these fish are.

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