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Comammox - An update to the Nitrogen cycle...again.

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Comammox - An update to the Nitrogen cycle...again.

Postby Onsan » Fri 06 Apr, 2018 10:20 am

Comammox, a biological process utilised by specific bacteria to convert ammonia->nitire->nitrate wholly within the organism.
First identified in Nitrospira inopinata in 2016, the potential for the process had long been hypothesised for decades, it was not till the advent of modern genome analysis that the AmoA gene and hydroxylamine oxidoreductase (hao) gene cluster were identified, confirming the process and the species capable of exploiting it.

As interesting as this is, like ammonox, it's a low weight contributor to the entire bacterial nitrogen cycle, but does go to show that knowing what we don't know is key to knowing what we will know.

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Re: Comammox - An update to the Nitrogen cycle...again.

Postby Ageofaquariums » Fri 06 Apr, 2018 10:45 am

Very cool. Its always the way in this hobby, we memorize these formulae, speels and species names and we NEVER want them to change.
But science marches on :)
Kinda like how bioplastics are not so much about the carbon and more about the bacteria fat, but we all have redfields memorized so its not allowed to change!
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