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Zoas or Majano

PostPosted: Thu 05 Jul, 2018 10:11 am
by Smakmeri
I have photos but cannot upload them, we prchased wbat we assumed were Zoas (they told us so) however I have a suspician they are majano as the are spreading like rapid fire. How do I upload photos for assistance. Sue hopefully the url worked ... =529423733

Re: Zoas or Majano

PostPosted: Thu 05 Jul, 2018 12:38 pm
by colg
Hi Sue, Welcome to the forum!

You need to use a third party image hosting site. You can use the photo library on here but it is a little more tricky. Can even use Facebook but there are some challenges with that as well..
There are updates to the forum planned that will hopefully simplify the process.

Basically you need to upload your pics to the third party source and then use the image or URL buttons on the post screen:

Copy and paste the photo location between the brackets. Click the preview post button to see if it worked before submitting.

Otherwise, find a picture on google and insert the link in your post. (If you do this and it dosent work i can fix it up and show you what i did)