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Shoutout to Businesses! - Podcast fun

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Shoutout to Businesses! - Podcast fun

Postby Aydee » Sun 17 Apr, 2016 4:45 pm

OK. So all aboard the hype train!

I'm going to be doing the very first "MASA Webcast/podcast/livecast" in about 2 weeks. In this I will be talking to 2 MASA celebrities. :konk:

If you're a business and want a shoutout, then let me know.
Condition: You need to give something back, BUT as the moment, the podcast = seperate to the forum. It has MASA's name and permission and authorization. But I can't accept new businesses or money or all that sort of stuff.

Instead, think of what you could offer a reefer.
"If you come to <business> in the month of May and say Aiydee sent ya, we will give you x% off" or something free. Whatever. You get the idea?

Send me a private message! We can make it MASA only. Flash your card. Or we can make it "Podcast listener" , here's the codephrase. Whatever you want. Make sure you put a time-limit on it!

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