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[Promo Ended] Prime 500ml for $24.95!

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[Promo Ended] Prime 500ml for $24.95!

Postby Hung@Maj.Aquariums » Mon 01 Sep, 2014 11:36 pm

Hey guys!

Heads up, Prime 500ml is available for only orders for only $24.95!

Hurry in and get yours now!


Did you know that Prime can be more than just your everyday dechlorinator?

That's right, Prime acts fast and quickly to reduce toxic levels of chemicals such as ammonia, in those dangerous situations that we will all encounter. Water changes is not always a feasible option, and more often than not you would not want to disturb everything else whilst combating one problem. You can '5 times overdose' with Prime in the most strenuous of circumstances - and that's A LOT of toxic chemicals gone in a short time. So keep one of these bad boys around, as insurance for when you need it most. :)

Note that for those establishing a new tank, or want to allow their microbial colonies to feed on elevated levels of ammonia and the likes, this will not help! But hey, as part of this hobby, we're sure you know that. :)
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