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[News] New Website and Functions!

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[News] New Website and Functions!

Postby Hung@Maj.Aquariums » Thu 03 Jul, 2014 6:59 pm

Hi all,

Our website has undergone a major overall (in the backgrounds), and has now been updated with all new functionalities! However, this does mean that some old functions are temporarily lost - but no worries, we're working hard to bring it back to you guys!

In the mean time, we are happy to announce some major changes that will make lives easier!

(For specifics and conditions and all that, click here)

So what cool things have we added?

Well, we now have a membership system, allowing for ease of shopping. Simply send us a PM or an email, with your membership details (and what MAS- group you belong to), and we'll set it up for you! Alternatively, you can set it up yourself here! This will mean that:
-All discounts applicable (15% for MASS members, 10% for non-MASS members) are automatically processed, and you will actually see the discounted price as you shop. No more hassle of calculating it yourself - or having to wait for manual processing!
-Delivery and purchase details are all stored if you so choose. Less hassle with entering details every time!
-Access to special promotions. Once we know who you are and what you like to purchase (or even if you are an avid hobbyist in general), we'd like to offer special items or packages to you. Sometimes we like to test products, and you may get something for free! So long as we know you'd actually use it, of course.

Up next, is a more informative menu. Why is that you ask? I am glad you asked. To better seek out what you are looking for, the menu now displays sub-categories in each product type. By splitting it up into product types, rather than randomly shoving all the different sub-categories of products we have to the side menu, you can actually look for what you want. We are still improving on the categorizations, so please bear with us.

Last but not lease, we have migrated even more of our processing online. This means that your orders are being better looked after, and deliveries are speedier! Tracking details will always be available, and all communications directly via the website is recorded.

So what are you waiting for - get signing in!

Future Updates:

We are always striving to improve, and the following are on the agenda:

-Return of the Price Match option. Easier and better processed!
-Complete, logical categorizations. Ease of locating products will be improved!
-Search optimization. You'll actually find what you look for. We promise.
-Plan-Your-Aquarium-Setup. We will set up a system to put together an entire setup, based on your preferences!
-Item layout. More products, easily seen.
-Menu layout. Less distracting and easier to navigate.
-Design overhaul. We've had this design for... a while.

And more! Stay tuned!

And remember, for any questions/queries/suggestions/whatever, please don't hesitate to shoot me a PM, or send me an email at hung@majesticaquariums.com.au!

Cheers and happy shopping!
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