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Cheezo's 6x2.5x2 Funhouse [TOTM Nov 2011]

The purpose of this forum is to allow people to showcase their tanks, and allow other uses to ask questions on equipment, livestock, methodology etc.
Specifically for Large Tanks with a Volume of 800 Litres and Above

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Re: Cheezo's 6x2.5x2 Funhouse [TOTM Nov 2011]

Postby CheezotheClown » Mon 15 Feb, 2021 11:50 am

Despite what it looks like in the picture I tidied up my Quarantine Tank area. I'm running a 100L 3' as the primary. It has a Resun chiller, Aqua-C EV skimmer, 150W heater and a little HOB filter. I hung the old T5 tube over it too. I've also employed the spare Williamson dosing pump into an ATO role part of which is the 2L container of RODI in front of the HOB. I cut Styrofoam to encase the tank and make it more temperature-stable.


When I shut everything down I cut the glass 2' tank I was using as a QT and flat packed it. It had developed a leak so was going to need new silicon anyway. I've stuck it back together but cut it down and added an internal weir/sump. It holds about 30L with a bit more in the weir/sump. After being filled with confidence after the first cut of glass I proceeded to make a dog's breakfast of every other cut even necessitating a join on the back panel. I cleaned it up as best I could with a diamond cutter and angle grinder. Then was generous with the silicone on the rough cuts. I made the weir too high in the end too.


The idea is to be able to quickly move stock from QT1 to QT2 with an intermediate stop in the treatment tank. The treatment tank is a low volume glass cube(ish) tank where I can make up a hydrogen peroxide bath, or whatever other treatment, to dip the affected stock. In the case of C irritans if there were an observed outbreak in QT1, the fish can be given a H2O2 bath and then moved to QT2 giving time to sterilise QT1 and prep the tank for a return process in a couple of days. The process can then be repeated every few days or so breaking the parasite cycle.

The QT is currently in use too! Two weeks so far and all is well. Picked up a small Zebrasoma xanthrum or Purple Tang. Eating very well, nori, spirulina brine shrimp, as well as decade-old pellet. She had a bit of HLLE but seems to be improving however it is very difficult to get a proper look because this fish is quite nervous and will hide. Snapped a bad pic at night when she was sleeping.

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