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Water Parameter
Unit(s): ppm
Target: 1,250 -

1,350 ppm

Danger: < 1,000 ppm

> 1,500 ppm

Tendancy: Decrease
Increased: Additive

Water changes

Decreased: Precipitation
Testing: Monthly
Maintenence: Magnesium chloride

Magnesium sulphate


Magnesium is the third most abundant element in seawater, with only chloride and sodium have higher concentrations. Normal seawater has a concentration of magnesium of around 1320 mg/L.

It is important to maintain magnesium at or around natural levels (1320 mg/L) to avoid problems with alkalinity and calcium concentrations. This is due to the poisoning nature of the magnesium to the calcium carbonate crystal structure, making the crystal harder to form when it is at the appropriate concentration.

Chemicals that can be used as an additive for magnesium: