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Common Name
Dead mans finger
Binomial Name
Codium sp.
Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Chlorophyta
Class: Bryopsidophyceae
Order: Bryopsidales
Family: Codiaceae
Genus: Codium
Species: sp.

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Codium is a species of temperate marine algae distributed broadly throughout the worlds temperate ocean zones. It is most often found in aquariums when wild, fresh live rock is added directly from the ocean, as it can grow well in captive conditions. Commonly known as "Dead mans fingers", Codium is easily distinguished by its long, cylindrical green branches up to 10mm in width, separating irregularly away from a singular holdfast. On these branches, are thousands of tiny "hairs", giving the Codium a distinct hairy appearance. Several species in the genus can also be compact and pancake in shape, without branching and appearing like a sponge.


It has a natural distribution throughout temperate waters both in Australia and overseas.


Whilst some aquarists note relatively good growth under the right conditions, it is not renowned for its ability to reduce nitrate, phosphate or nutrients and is more suitable as an ornamental species. It is therefore under-utilized in Australia in favor of other macroalgae and other nutrient removal techniques.