Sodium Hydroxide

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Sodium Hydroxide
Common Name(s): Caustic Soda


Molecular Formula: NaOH
Used For: Killing Aiptasia sp.

Recharging DI resins

Caution: Corrosive

Don't inhale dust

Avoid contact with skin and eyes

Material Safety Data Sheet: Sodium hydroxide

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Safety Warning

Handle sodium hydroxide with care and respect. It can cause severe burns and damage to the human body. It is highly corrosive.

Extreme care must be taken if making a sodium hydroxide solution. The dissolution of solid sodium hydroxide into water is a strong, exothermic reaction, with the water able to reach boiling point or breaking the container it is being held in due to heat. NEVER add water to sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide MUST be added to water, and only in small amounts to avoid excessive heating of the solution.