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Herbivorous or predatory, friendly or dangerous, purchased or hitch-hiking freeloader, snails are standard marine aquarium residents in your aquarium. You will most likely find some kind of marine gastropod eventually over your journey! These can be divided into several categories below.

Breeding Snails

Breeding snails is often a foregone conclussion. If you have snails, they are likely to breed. If the aquarium has standard water quality, a regular light regime and significant food resources, snails will likely breed. Therefore, specific details regarding conditions are rarely recorded, but photos are frequently taken. The two most common sites are the snail egg mass (often a gelatinous mass filled with white or pink globular dots, or a tight coiled mass of dots) and seeing a snail distribute sperm in an area of high flow (photos below). Also see Breeding Snails

A Turbo Snail egg mass.
A Turbo Snail releasing sperm.