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Kingdom: Animalia
Sub Kingdom: Eumetazoa
Super Phylum: Radiata
Phylum: Cnidaria
Class: Anthozoa
Sub Class: Hexacorallia
Order: Scleractinia
Family: Acroporidae - Agariciidae - Astrocoeniidae - Caryophylliidae - Dendrophylliidae - Euphyllidae - Faviidae - Fungiidae - Meandrinidae - Merulinidae - Mussidae - Oculinidae - Pectiniidae - Pocilloporidae - Poritidae - Siderastreidae - Trachyphylliidae


This order of corals are commonly referred to as Stony or Hard Corals, due to the coral tissue growing over the top of a dense skeleton of calcium carbonate and tend to be the group of corals of most interest to those maintaining a reef tank.

They are arbitrarily grouped into LPS (Large Polyp) and SPS (Small Polyp) by marine hobbyists, but this grouping has little to do with the care requirements of the species. Rather, it is simply based on the size of the coral's polyps.



The Scleractinia order is divided into 17 families that are present within Australian waters[1]:




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