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Water Parameter
Target: 0 ppm
Danger: Fish > 2.5 ppm

Invertebrates > 0 ppm

Tendancy: none
Increased: Additive
Decreased: -
Testing: Rarely
Maintenence: none


Copper is useful for the treatment of Amyloodinium and Cryptocaryon. An immuno suppresant, toxic to gill tissue of fish, algicide and has a low therapeutic index (which means only requires a low dosage and therefore very easy to overdose and cause more harm).[1] Toxic to invertebrates (corals, anemones, crabs, snails and sponges are all considered sensitive to copper) so cannot be used for treatment of fish within the display marine aquarium system.


Treatment has to be performed in a separate quarantine or hospital tank. It easily comes out of solution, will coat surfaces inside the aquarium it is used in and will absorb onto calcerous substrates (liverock and coral sand). Do not use as a treatment unless an accurate copper test kit available to monitor the concentration, as it is very easy to overdose copper from the therapeutic into the toxic concentration range. Additionally, some fishes are more sensitive to copper than others, in particular seahorses, pipefish, mandarins, pufferfish, lionfish, blennies, angelfish, and scaleless fish. [1] [2]



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