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Water for the Aquarium

Water in the Aquarium


The recommended values for water parameters in a marine aquarium are as follows:



Testing Water Parameters

Additives and top-off

Further Reading



Can I use rain water to top off my system?

This depends on how its collected. Bird poop and other organics can find its way into rainwater tanks which can have an adverse effect.

Can I use tap water to top off my system?

Tap water is used by some people, but it depends greatly upon where you live. If using tap water, its best to use an ager like "Prime". Ultimately though it can be a source of dangerous heavy metals, copper (toxic to invertebrates) and nutrients. It's recommended that Reverse Osmosis (RO) or De Ionised (DI) systems be used. Some filtration systems utilise both.

How can I stop the build up of scum on the water surface?

A buildup of surface scum suggests one or more of the following:

  • A lack of surface skimming
  • Organic matter in the water from overfeeding
  • Not enough organisms to process the organic matter

Organic matter is usually defined as compounds which include carbon. Introducing surface skimming by means of an overflow, breaking up the water surface by directing a powerhead at it, blotting the water surface with a paper towel all help to remove the build up of scum on the surface.