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Alphabetical Listing of Terms and Abbreviations

ADWS - As Dan would say

ADWK - As Dan would know

ASW - artificial sea water

BTA - bubbletip anemone

Bioload - the loading of your tank in terms of filtration necessary to maintain it under "good" conditions

Calcium Reactor - device used to maintain calcium and alkalinity levels as an alternative to kalkwasser or additives.

Chiller - device used to cool aquarium water, simply just a refridgerator.

Cycle - process that occurs with a newly established marine system to develop the appropriate populations of organisms (bacteria, 'Pods, algae etc.)

DI - deionisation, method of water purification

DSB - deep sand bed

DT - display tank

FBF - fluid bed filter

FOWLR - fish only with live rock, type of marine aquarium

Frags - propagated corals, traded amongst reef enthusiasts.

Gallonitus - Disease affecting most reefers that results in overwhelming desire to upsize their aquarium, or add more tanks.

IBC - Intermediate Bulk Container, water storage vessels used to store NSW or ASW for water changes.

Kalkwasser - saturated solution of calcium hydroxide used to maintain calcium and alkalinity in a marine aquarium.

LFS - local fish store

meq/L - measurement unit of alkalinity, milliequivalents per litre.

mg/L - measurement unit of concentration of nutrient levels, milligrams per litre.

NSW - natural sea water

OLS - on-line store

pH - measurement unit of how acidic or basic water is, potential hydrogen.

ppm - measurement unit of concentration of nutrient levels, parts per million.

ppt - measurement unit of salinity, parts per thousand.

Protein Skimmer - device used for nutrient removal.

Refractometer - device used to measure specific gravity.

Refugium - segregated area, usually used to grow macro algae for nutrient export.

RO - reverse osmosis - method of water purification

RO/DI - reverse osmosis / deionisation - method of water purification

Salinity - measurement of the concentration of salt in water, measured in ppt (parts per thousand).

Specific Gravity - measurement of the density of water, used to approximate salinity.

Sump - additional plumbed-in tank, usually mounted below display to house equipment out of sight.