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Welcome to the RTAW Reefpedia

This wiki has been established as an encyclopaedia of reef keeping by the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia (MASA).

If you cannot find what you are after here, perhaps try:

Content - Browse


Information on our vertebrate friends.


Information on corals.

Other Invertebrates

Information on other invertebrates, such as anemones, cucumbers, shrimps, crabs, etc.


Information on algae and marine flora.


Details on water parameters, what is important, what values should be aimed for, additives, kalkwasser, etc.


For the gadget lovers out there, who doesn't like hardware?


Information on diseases (of both Fish and Coral) and general pests.


Information on the various types of plants that exist in the marine environment.

Beginners Guide

If you are new to the reef keeping hobby, then this is the place to start, helping you to sort through the jungle of information.


General terms that are used within the reef keeping hobby.


Index of the various frequently asked questions spread throughout the RTAW Reefpedia.

Web Resources

Other useful sites.


A very important part of the hobby, we want the reefs to be there for future generations too.

Food and Feeding

General information and details of things that are used to feed a marine aquarium.

Adding / Editing Content to the RTAW Reefpedia

This wiki is not a "free for all", where anybody can edit pages and added content, in the same manner as Wikipedia. All MASX members (which covers all members of MASS, MASOV, MASWA, MASAOG, MASQ and MASRQ) are able to edit, with editing subject to some conditions : Editing Rules and Regulations. Login using your RTAW Forums username and password.

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