Rapid Tissue Necrosis

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Also known as Shutdown Reaction or Rapid Wasting.

Belonging to a group of diseases referred to as "White syndrome" (WS), that appear as white bands or patches of tissue loss. Often effecting members of the genus Acropora. Rapid Tissue Necrosis (RTN) is a fast acting, contagious condition where the coral tissue sloughs from the skeleton. With a tissue loss rate of up to 10cm per hour, RTN result in the death of the colony in less then 24 hours.



Sloughing of the coral tissue exposing the white skeleton. Generally starting from the base or tips of a colony. A sweet smell is often apparent in the room during a RTN event.

Similar Symptoms

Coral Bleaching - The coral tissue remains intact but becomes transparent and hard to see.

Slow Tissue Necrosis - Coral tissue sloughs off at a much slower rate. Typically less then 1 cm/day.

White Syndrome Disease


Remove diseased colonies and fragment branches at least 25mm ahead of any effected areas. Seal the exposed skeleton with a Cyanoacrylate based glue (Superglue).