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  1. No knowingly posting of information that is false, unless stated as such.
    1. Information provided should be well researched, and if there is considerable argument over a topic, both sides should be included.
    2. Information presented purely as one persons 'experience' it can be presented as such, as long as it is highlighted accordingly and appropriate disclaimers added.
    3. In a similar vein, theories can be presented in the same manner, but labeled as unproven, and should be linked to or provide the contrary views. An example of this would be 'Old Tank Syndrome'.
  2. No knowingly posting of information that is harmful to aquarium inhabitants. Advocating theories that lower an inhabitants chance of survival would be included in this.
  3. No posting of material that can be deemed commercial in nature by commercial entities or associates. Commercial nature would be deemed
    1. Drawing attention to a commercial business, or website outside of MASA.
    2. Posting of information that could lead to the benefit of the commercial interest. E.g. A LFS advocating trickle filters.
  4. No posting of material which is knowingly false and / or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law.
  5. No deleting of information unless enhancing the information or it contravenes these guidelines.
  6. No adding of illegal content. All content should have permission of their copyright owner.
  7. Format should be followed where possible, however feel free to post information and let someone else worry about formatting if you cannot work it out.
  8. Interpretation of these rules is left to the discretion of RTAW Reefpedia editors and the MASA committee. Any breach of the rules can be dealt with by banning for any MASA owned resource, or involving law enforcement if applicable.
  9. All images remain the copyright of the donating party. All other content is published under the GPL Version 3 Licence
  10. RTAW Reefpedia editors reserve the right to prohibit edit access to anyone pending MASA committee decision. This could be a period up to 2 months.