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Kingdom: Animalia
Sub Kingdom: Eumetazoa
Super Phylum: Protostomia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Cephalopoda
Sub Class: Coleoidea
Super Order: Octopodiformes
Order: Octopoda
Sub Order: Incirrina
Family: Octopodidae
Genus: Abdopus - Adelieledone - Ameloctopus - Amphioctopus - Aphrodoctopus - Bathypolypus - Benthoctopus - Callistoctopus - Cistopus - Eledone - Enteroctopus - Euaxoctopus - Galeoctopus - Graneledone - Grimpella - Hapalochlaena - Megaleledone - Microeledone - Octopus - Pareledone - Praealtus - Pteroctopus - Scaeurgus - Tetracheledone - Thaumeledone - Velodona - Vosseledone - Vulcanoctopus



Members of the Octopodidae family have the following characteristics[1]:

  • Suckers in one or two series.
  • One of the third arms modified in males as an open sperm groove (running along ventral edge of the arm) and a modified terminal tip, typically spoon-like.
  • Hectocotylus not detachable.
  • Internal shell reduced to a pair of stylets or lost.
  • Stomach and caecum posterior to digestive gland.
  • Lateral radula teeth (if present) simple, with single cusp.


The Octopodidae family consists of 24 valid genera[1]:




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