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Water Parameter
Unit(s): ppm, mg/l
Target: 0.04 ppm I-
Danger: -
Tendancy: Decrease
Increased: Additive


Decreased: Algae

Use by some organisms

Testing: Monthly
Maintenence: Iodine



The exact need of maintaining iodide levels is still unknown, beyond the requirements of some macro algae. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence on some corals requiring it, but not much beyond that. For the average hobbyist, it is recommended that if feeding the system regularly and performing regular water changes, then there is no need for supplementation.

Crustaceans, such as shrimp, do not need iodide to moult. They do excrete a significant amount in the exoskeleton / molt they loose, because that is the way they get rid of iodine from their body.

Do not attempt to maintain iodide levels without a way of monitoring levels, it is very easy to overdose. Take care with test kits, as some only measure iodide, not iodate.

Formed typically from the dissociation of iodine.