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Can't Find Information?

If you cannot find what you are after here, perhaps try:

Adding / Editing Content to the RTAW Reefpedia

This wiki is not a "free for all", where anybody can edit pages and added content, in the same manner as Wikipedia. All MASX members (which covers all members of MASS, MASOV, MASWA, MASAOG, MASQ and MASRQ) are able to edit, with editing subject to some conditions : Editing Rules and Regulations. Login using your RTAW Forums username and password.

If you are not a MASX member and have an image that you would to be included in RTAW Reefpedia, then please see Donate Photos for RTAW Reefpedia?.

Volunteering to Help

If you are interested in helping out to add content, then all is required that you become a member of one of the MASA] societies. If you are already a member and would like to become an editor (not just providing content) of the RTAW Reefpedia, then please send Finno a private message on the RTAW Forums.

What are we looking to build with this RTAW Reefpedia?

To start with this will be a more complete and dynamic version of the text FAQ type of documents that were very popular about 10 years ago in the online community. The ability to have hyperlinks, many people to edit it, little knowledge of fancy coding etc makes it a much more powerful tool for people to use.

Something like this, Reefkeeper's FAQ which is a HTML formated form of the original text FAQ document, is the starting point for this resource.

To see what this can turn into, what the ultimate aim is, see the Wikipedia.

Standards for Users and Editors

For those users contributing to the RTAW Reefpedia, see Category:Editor Section or the RTAW Reefpedia Editors Forum.