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No rock type of aquascaped reef tank


General FAQ

What are those little shrimp like things swimming in the water, often seen at night?

Likely these are amphipods. See the 'Pods . Often worms and other polychaetes can be seen swimming at night.

What is the scum on the surface of the water?

This mostly likely partially degraded organic matter such as proteins. The surface film is best removed via surface skimming and then passing the skimmed water through a protein skimmer. This is most easily achieved with a weir and a protein skimmer in the sump. If the tank does not have a weir, there are commercial and DIY surface skimmers available.

If the tank doesn't have a weir, pointing a powerhead at the surface of the water can help to break it up and (hang on back) protein skimmer will also reduce the problem.