Ferric Oxide Hydroxide

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Ferric Oxide Hydroxide
Common Name(s): Granular ferric oxide
Molecular Formula: FeO(OH)
Used For: Removing phosphate
Caution: Avoid eye contact and inhalation
Material Safety Data Sheet: Iron hydroxide oxide


Iron oxide hydroxide, also know as Granulated Ferric Oxide, is an iron based chemical medium used to remove organic phosphate compounds from aquarium water.

(Phosphate is introduced into via additions of both freshwater and saltwater, food, and is a product of bacterial decompostion of organic matter within the system. Elevated phosphate levels have been linked to the growth of unwanted algae species, cyanobacteria and a reduction in growth of corals and coralline algae.


Media is placed within a canister filter, fluid bed filter, chemical media column, etc.

May last up to a month but it is recommended to follow the manufacturers instructions for each product. A biofilm may form on the product reducing the efficiency and converting any available ammonia to nitrate. The iron base will tend to act as a mild antibacterial reducing this effect slightly. Washing it regularly may prolong its use and prevent the buildup of a biofilm.


Commercial regeneration of the exhausted media, used in water treatment, is performed by treatment with a sodium hydroxide solution.