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Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Rhodophyta
Class: Floridophyceae
Order: Corallinales
Family: Corallinaceae
Genus: Amphiroa - Cheilosporum - Choreonema - Hydrolithon - Lesueuria - Lithophyllum - Lithothamnion - Mastophora - Melobesia - Mesophyllum - Metagoniolithon - Metamastophora - Neogoniolithon - Phymatolithon - Pneophyllum - Spongites - Synarthrophyton


Commonly referred to as Coralline Algae. This is a family of red seaweeds, most of which are heavily calcified, hard and brittle. They tend to be highly desired by the majority of those keeping a marine system, giving a very colourful look to the liverock, better than the natural white/grey appearance of calcium carbonate, and assisting with reduction of problematic micro algae by out competing and discouraging their growth.

Majority of species encountered in marine aquaria are encrusting, growing as a coating on the rocks. However, many delicate, branched species do exist. Growth is encouraged by sufficient high and stable levels of alkalinity and calcium, and low phosphate levels. As a newly set up system stabilises, a point will be reach where conditions are favourable for coralline algae growth, and its growth rate will accelerate.

A number of species of sea urchins will remove the coralline algae from the rocks, leaving behind a white trail of exposed liverock.







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