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Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Chlorophyta
Class: Bryopsidophyceae
Order: Bryopsidales
Family: Udoteaceae
Genus: Chlorodesmis
Species: C. baculifera - C. caespitosa - C. dotyi - C. fastigiata - C. haterumana - C. hildebrandtii - C. major - C. mexicana - C. papenfussii - C. sinensis - C. torresiensis


Commonly referred to as Turtle Weed and incorrectly as Turtle Grass. Turtle weed will grow on live rock, not in substrate. It requires medium-strong flow, to help other algae/cyano bacteria forming on the leaves. Turtle weed will grow best under medium to strong lighting, in a system with increased nutrients/waste. Chlorodesmis will provide a source of nutrient export, if the aquarist actively harvests it. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of Turtle weed is its ability to act as a refuge for micro-organisms (e.g. amphipods).



The Chlorodesmis genus consists of a 11 species[1]:




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