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Before the development of the Internet, specialist books were once considered the best resource available to our hobby, outlining early techniques and explaining the best care for common aquatic organisms. Although some books and the techniques described within, could be considered dated, there remains a solid library with images and information valuable to beginners, breeders, propagators and experts alike. Below is a list of books considered across numerous categories.

General Aquarium Books

These books cover the majority of the hobby, from getting started to choosing the right coral and fish. May not provide the most accurate specialized details regarding specific species husbandry.

The Complete Book Of The Marine Aquarium
Image: Author(s): Comments:
CBOTMA.jpg Hargreaves, V.B. (Vincent B.) This book provides quick and basic information on starting and maintaining a marine aquarium. It is full of colour photos, but perhaps the only critisism is the book might now be considered a little of age, with limited information on recent advances in marine aquarium keeping due to the books age. ISBN: 1571457623

Reef Secrets
Image: Author(s): Comments:
RS.jpg Nilsen, A.J. (Alf Jacob) and Fossa, S.A (Svein A) An easy-to-follow approach to setting up and stocking a reef aquarium, filled with simple but authoritative advice from two of the most respected pioneers of the modern marine hobby. ISBN: 189008767X

The Conscientious Marine Aquarist
Image: Author(s): Comments:
ConscMarineAquarist2ndEdit.jpg Robert M Fenner This book provides a modern synthesis on the care requirements for marine fish and invertebrates in modern marine aquaria. Focusing on the best care principles of species which can be collected ethically and kept long term. This is a book for every aquarist, but also for those who wish to plan and manage a thriving marine aquarium with as little impact on the marine environment as possible. The image supplied here is the 2nd Edition. ISBN: 1890087998

The New Marine Aquarium: Step-by-step Setup and Stocking Guide
Image: Author(s): Comments:
TheNewMarineAquarium.jpg Michael S. Paletta This is another modern-aged books, combining some general knowledge and specific care information, so modern aquarists can develop, maintain and enjoy a successful marine aquarium. ISBN: 1890087521

Algae: A Problem Solver Guide
Image: Author(s): Comments:
AlgaeProblemSolver.jpg Julian Sprung Another well illustrated guide by Sprung, but this time specializing in the surge of many aquarits at one time or another, algae. Offering the critical first step, identification, then ideas on suitable solutions and management techniques, this book might not be purchased initially, but would come in handy once algae or pests have established in your aquarium. ISBN: 1883693020

Breeding and Propagation Books

These books focus on information key to the successful breeding and propagation of fish and invertebrates in our hobby. May not contain information on all facets of the hobby required to maintain an entire aquarium.

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Marine Aquarium Fishes
Image: Author(s): Comments:
mWittenrich.jpg Mathew L. Wittenwich With a foreward from Martin A Moe. Mathew Wittenrich is probably one of the most successful ornamental fish breeders of our time, having success with multiple ornamental species. The book covers the set-up and maintenance of breeding facilities and equipment, numerous ornamental species, their conditioning, spawning, larval stages and eventual settlement, all described with accurate and easy to interpret diagrams and beautiful colour photos. ISBN: 1890087718

Clownfishes: A guide to their captive care, breeding & natural history
Image: Author(s): Comments:
wilkerson.jpg Joyce D. Wilkerson The definitive guide to clownfish breeding, covering all aspects of their care (including water quality, food, broodstock care) etc. Everything you need to know if you are considering raising your clownfishes nest, or if you just want to know about how to keep your clownfish in top shape! ISBN: 1890087041

Conditioning, Spawning and Rearing of Fish with Emphasis on Marine Clownfish
Image: Author(s): Comments:
ConditioningClownfishHoff.jpg Frank H. Hoff Another library MUST for any hobbyist who has breeding fish, clownfish in genera, or are thinking about rearing their own ornamental fish. Describes rearing conditions, techniques, food production and health. ISBN: 096629601X

Breeding the Orchid Dottyback: An Aquarists Journal
Image: Author(s): Comments:
Moe.jpg Martin A. Moe Jr. Do not get confussed, this is literally a journal by one of the most prominant marine aquarists. Published to share his experiences in this hobby, this book provides a frank and often comical journey, from the initial pairing, tending pairs through to the final success of breeding one of the most iconic fish in our hobby, and everything in between. ISBN: 0939960095

How to Raise and Train Your Peppermint Shrimp: A hobbyists Guide to Raising Saltwater Aquarium Shrimp From Egg to Adult
Image: Author(s): Comments:
PeppermintShrimp.jpg April Kirkendoll Shrimp have been a highly sort after, ornamental focus point of modern marine aquaria. In the right conditions, many marine aquarists will see their female shrimp carrying eggs (also called "berried" shrimp). This is the ideal resource for anyone willing to put in the time and effort to culture these amazing creatures from egg, meta-stage and settlement! ISBN: 0966778448

Book of Coral Propagation: Reef Gardening for Aquarists
Image: Author(s): Comments:
BookofCoralProp2ndEdit.jpg Anthony Calfo The bible for anyone into coral propagation, whether you are a hobbyist who frags the odd coral, to the aquarist shifting towards mass producing a marketable product. Anthony Calfo describes husbandry, hardware, biology and ecology of marine aquaria in this small but handy guide to our hobby. Several pages of coloured images and complimented by frequent black and white diagrams and images. The image supplied here is the 2nd Edition. ISBN: 0980236509

Specialized Identification Books

These are focused on information, often down to species or genus level. Only suitable when an aquarist is ready to collect and learn about specific fish or invertebrates.

Corals: A quick reference guide
Image: Author(s): Comments:
CoralsSprung.jpg Julian Sprung Corals, a quick guide is exactly that. This book is designed with quick identification in mind, and details common corals found around the world, with beautiful colour photographs and basic information on flow, light, water conditions and feeding. The book is not a general aquarium husbandry book, and DOES NOT detail marine aquarium hardware, technique or processes. ISBN: 1883693098

Aquarium Corals: Selection, Husbandry and Natural History
Image: Author(s): Comments:
AquariumCorals.jpg Eric Borneman After the evolution of aquarium technology allowed the successful keeping of corals, this has been considered the bible of a generation of marine aquarists. It covers corals physiology, care, feeding, morphology and how to select a healthy specimen of SPS, LPS and non-scleractinian corals. ISBN: 1890087475

Invertebrates: A Quick Reference Guide.
Image: Author(s): Comments:
Invertebrates A Quick Guide.jpg Julian Sprung A quick and easy guide for common marine aquarium inverterbrates, including shrimp, coral, sponges etc. The information provides captive care requirements, and is suitable for all levels of experience. ISBN: 1883693004

Reef Invertebrates: An Essential Guide to Selection, Care and Compatibility
Image: Author(s): Comments:
ReefInvertCalfFenner.jpg Anthony Calfo and Robert Fenner A great reference book which details filtration techniques (including refugiums, vegetation and animal filters etc.), husbandry and organisms in a highly stylized fashion, full of colour and wonderful photographs. Organisms include coral, crabs, sponges, microfauna, shrimp, sea stars, sponges, the list goes on. ISBN: 0967263034


These books contain little to NO information regarding aquariums, or the husbandry of the species they cover. They provide a high level of scientific information, and may only interest individuals with an interest in science.

Corals of the World
Image: Author(s): Comments:
coralsofworld.jpg Veron, J.E.N Much like Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific, Veronhas compiled the taxonomic, ecological and biological information of thousands of species, including both scleractinian and non-skeletal corals in this three-part series. These books do not offer any advice on the captive care of these organisms, and are therefore best suited to people who are interested in the identification and taxonomic information surrounding of their coral. ISBN:0642322368

Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific
Image: Author(s): Comments:
veron.jpg Veron, J.E.N Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific is for the serious coral aficionado. One-of-a-kind, this book contains detailed biology, systematics, ecology, geology and history of nearly 1,000 coral species. With no information on aquarium care, this book is for those who are interested in coral identification, and DOES NOT offer ANY advice on captive care. ISBN: 0824815041

Plankton Culture Manual
Image: Author(s): Comments:
PlanktonManual.jpg Frank H Hoff and Terry W Snell An authoritative guide on the culturing of plankton and other food sources. This is a heavily illustrated and practical guide, suited to hobbyists advancing to breeding or feeding specialized foods. ISBN: 0966296044

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