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Common Name(s): NA
Molecular Formula: CaCl2, CaSO4, NaOH, Agar, MgSO4
Used For: Killing Aiptasia and Anemonea
Caution: Avoid eye contact
Material Safety Data Sheet: Calcium hydroxide

Calcium chloride

Sodium hydroxide

Magnesium sulphate

Calcium sulphate


Aiptasia-X is a commercially available product from Red Sea for the elimination of pest anemones such as Aiptasia sp. and Anemonea sp.. The solution is drawn up into a syringe then injected on top of the anemone so that the anemone consumes the resulting mass / blob. The difference with Aiptasia-X is that it contains a binder to ensure that it does not disperse (agar), a desensitiser (magnesium sulphate) and a feeding inducer.

According the the patent for the product[1], it consists of ".... Table 1 lists the typical amounts used to prepare a composition including bait, a binder, an anemonescide and a desensitizer, wherein the anemonescide is calcium sulphate or calcium hydroxide formed from calcium chloride and sodium hydroxide, agar serves as both bait and binder, and the desensitizer is magnesium sulphate. ...."


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