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Benefits of Being a Member PDF Print

We’d like to draw your attention to a few of the benefits on offer this year with MASOV membership.

Book library. Extensive range available to members including advanced, beginner and many hard-to-find specialist titles. e.g. Veron Corals of the World, Clownfish breeding, Gorgonians, Butterflyfish, etc. All the information you need in one place; from technical to glossy coffee table titles.

Emergency equipment. MASOV maintains a list of member equipment available for loan during emergencies. This includes pumps, tanks, heaters, powerheads, electrical generators, water drums, lights, etc. These are dispersed around Melbourne at various locations for ready access in the event of an emergency.

Excursions. Enjoy food and drink in good company and surrounds at one of the many member social outings. Each year MASOV organises dinners, trivia nights, beach trips, day trips, aquarium tours, and other excursions.

Meetings. MASOV runs monthly meetings for socialising and discussing all aspects of marine aquaria. This is the place to gather advice, nut out new tank plans, assess livestock choices, and view others’ tanks. You might even like to show off your own tank and gain the admiration of your peers by hosting a meeting.

Members. MASOV provides access to a diverse network of local hobbyists. Can’t trust the neighbours not to overfeed the fish? Meet fellow hobbyists in your area and gain access to a community dedicated to actively helping one another and sharing knowledge and experiences.

Water testing. MASOV has an extensive test kit library for the full range of water tests, including pH calibration solutions and a refractometer for calibrating hydrometers. MASOV can provide the kits and expertise to discover and remedy any water quality issue.

Website. MASOV runs an interactive website forum for local members to keep in touch, organise shopping excursions, group orders, source and trade equipment, discuss livestock choices, etc. etc.

Feel free to contact Renae on 0411 022 941 for further details or Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Becoming a Member PDF Print

Joining MASOV is very easy.  Simply print out the membership form from here (MASOV Downloads ) and mail it to The Secretary at the address noted on the form along with your membership fees.  You can also join at any of the MASOV events , including meetings or social events.

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