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The Marine Aquarium Society of Victoria (MASOV) has existed for around 30 years as an organisation within Victoria for people of similar interests in maintaining marine aquaria to exchange ideas and experiences. Members are participating in the maintenance of both tropical and temperate marine organisms. Various members are involved across the entire breadth of the hobby, not just including fish or a tropical reef tank.

The Marine Aquarium Society of Victoria (MASOV) is one of 5 societies Australia wide that come under the parent society the Marine Aquarium Society of Australia (MASA). You can access the MASA web site without being a MASOV member however being a member of MASOV gives you access to additional information and resources.

The purposes MASOV are as follows:

  • To facilitate information and share experience and knowledge for the advancement of the marine aquaria hobby.
  • To promote responsible and sustainable practices within the marine aquaria hobby.
  • To address issues (local, national and international) which affect the marine aquaria hobby.
  • To promote the marine aquaria hobby, therefore educating people on the natural beauty, complexity and importance of the marine environment and the challenges faced in its conservation.
  • To promote cooperation with other groups with similar aims to the Society, regardless of whether they specialise in the marine aquaria hobby.
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