The Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Incorporated (MASA) is administrated by a committee, who is responsible for all policy decisions relating to MASA and the day to day organisation.

The committee is drawn from members of Australian Marine Aquarium Societies as a representative of each society, and the total number of positions is variable (allowing for fluctuations in interests and formation of new socieites).  Each Australian Marine Aquarium Society is invited to submit two members to serve on the MASA Committee as representatives.  It is at the discretion and responsibility of each MAS to decide how and who to select to be submitted to serve. The representatives are volunteers and receive no remuneration in any form.

The committee consists of four primary positions, known as Executive Committee Members (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer), with an additional five defined positions (Business Liaison / Partnership Coordinator; Media Liason; Promotions, Competitions & Sponsorship Coordinator; Online Resource Manager (technical); and RTAW Coordinator (content & people)). The remainder of committee members are known as General Committee Members.

The positions within the MASA Committee are elected by the representatives.  Tenure is one year, our financial year is July to June of each year, and committee positions are filled in approximately September/October of each year.

The Committee is responsible for the running of MASA. That includes any policy decisions, strategic direction, dealing with external parties (business, government, etc).  It is very structured and governed by "strict" rules.

Committee members must commit to:

  • Being involved in the running and policies of MASA
  • Take an active interest in promoting MASA
  • Take an active role in the assembly and maintenance of MASA resources for Australian hobbyists
  • Truly represent their society and play an active role in two way communication between their society members and the MASA committee