Significant mutual benefits exist for MASA and businesses from forging closer working relationships. For MASA this comes primarily in the form of member benefits and increased exposure. For businesses there is the opportunity to make use of informational material, keep up with the latest trends in the hobby, forge closer relationships with their customers, increase their exposure and take advantage of the other services that are available.

Benefits for Businesses

The following is a summation of some of the types of benefits available to businesses by partnering with MASA:

  • Increased Exposure - there are a number of ways to do this including banner advertising and listings in business directories.
  • Caresheets - available in hard copy or online, these are a perfect way of providing independent information to your customers.
  • Keeping Up To Date - find out what people are doing both in Australia and internationally, as well as getting honest independent feedback on what does and doesn't work.
  • Forge Closer Relationships With Hobbyists - (your customers) increase customer loyalty and gain referrals by getting actively involved in Reefing the Australia Way or with your local society.

Benefits for MASA

The main benefits for MASA from pursuing partner relationships with businesses comes in two broad areas, member benefits and increased exposure, both of which are consistent with the goals of MASA. Member benefits could include discounts, donations and/or subsidies, etc. The increased exposure can come via display of promotional material in store, web links, etc. Both of these will likely lead to an increased of level of participation in MASA whether directly through local society memberships or indirectly via online services such as the Reefing the Australian Way. An increased level of participation leads to a greater diversity of ideas, experiences and knowledge to be shared amongst the entire marine aquarium community to the benefit of all.