Advantages of Being a Member of a Marine Aquarium Society

Why would you want to become a member of a Marine Aquarium Society? There are a large number of advantages of joining up and supporting your local society and click below to read more;

  1. Regular meetings, allowing you the chance to meet fellow hobbyists face to face, talk all things marine aquaria, gain advice and see how others have set up and maintain their own system.
  2. Regular newsletter, letting your know what is coming up event wise with the society, local society news and informative articles about the hobby from a variety of different sources.
  3. Discounts, available at a variety of marine aquaria related businesses to members. This also includes the discounts organised by MASA, as well as those specific to the local society.
  4. Events, some societys run events like aquarium competitions (the opporutunity to show off your system and gain some recognition for the hard work you have put in), photographic competitions and social gatherings (such as dinners, outings to public aquariums, annual formal dinner).
  5. Networking, with other people with the same interest in marine aquaria, can be the most beneficial part of being a society member.
  6. Livestock exchange, getting into contact with local, fellow hobbyists that have corals and fish for sale or trade.
  7. Member discussion forum, restricted access forum on Reefing the Australian Way Forums for society members only.
  8. Access to the facilities provided by MASA for members only.