Welcome to Reefing the Australian Way

Welcome to Reefing the Australian Way, an online information resource for the Australian marine aquarist proudly brought to you by the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Incorporated.We are pleased to announce our hosting move was successful.


Here on RTAW you can find a significant number of different resources on all aspects of the marine aquaria hobby.  These currently include;

  • encyclopedia, extensively covering the marine aquaria hobby (RTAW Reefpedia),
  • discussion board, with advice specific for the Australian hobbyist (RTAW Forums),
  • feature tanks, displaying the best of Australian marine aquariums on a regular basis (RTAW Feature Tank),
  • chat, real time chatting with fellow Australian hobbyists (RTAW Chat ),
  • links, to a wide variety of different online resources that are of use to a marine aquarist (RTAW Links),
  • care sheets provided for local fish stores to freely distribute to their customers (RTAW Caresheets), and
  • more to come in the near future.