February 2011- Michael (galleri3090)

Congratulations to Michael on winning Tank Of The Month for February 2011 with his beautiful closed loop reef.

Michael is known as galleri3090 on the RTAW forums and you can follow his entire reefing journey by checking out his tank journal.

I have been in this hobby for 4 years now, and this is my second reef tank.

I made so many mistakes in planning on my first tank that, while I liked the tank, the flaws grew more and more obvious to me as time went on. Then one day I realised I loved the hobby so much and would be in it for the long haul that I decided to start again.

This tank is the culmination of being inspired by some of the amazing reef tanks in Australia, hours upon hours of questioning research, days of despair and highs that only we reefers can understand.

8 x 2.5 x 2 – 12mm Starphire – Euro braced - 15 holes Closed Loop built by St George Aquariums. Stand and hood is made of 316 marine grade stainless steel, clad in 2pac poly satin white MDF sheets, with stainless steel kickboards.

Live rock of approximately 80 kilos, Skimmer: Deltec TC3070, filter sock, carbon and the Zeovit system.

Gyre flow Closed Loop 4 x PanWorld 250PS-MD100R External Water Pump 7200LPH with 8 x Flow accelerators (Flow x 400%)

• 3 x 250W Lumen Right Reflectors with Stingray Ballast Radium 20K Globes
• 2 x ATI Powermodules 6 x 24W

(photo – lights)

Other Equipment:

• Profilux 3
• Profilux ATO
• Profilux pH & Temp probes
• 2 x Profilux Lightning LED rods
• Korallin C4001 Calcium Reactor
• 2.6kg Co2 from Keg King
• Tunze regulator & Profilux solenoid
• 2 x 300W Jager Heater
• Teco TR20 Chiller
• Ehiem 1262 Return Pump
• Tunze nano wavebox (power backup)
• 1500VA/830W Line Interactive UPS (power backup)
• Tunze 6055 (in sump)
• 1100L NSW storage unit
• 8000LPH water change pump
• 3x3x1.5 ft quarantine tank

Water Parameters:

• Temp: 26-28c
• Salinity: 1.026
• PH: 8.3
• Ammonia: <0.01
• Nitrite: 0mg/l
• Nitrate: <1mg/l
• Cal: 400
• Alk: 7.5
• Phosphate: 0.04
• Magnesium: 1350


• Atlantic Blue Tang
• Yellow Tang
• Purple Tang
• Regal Tang
• Male Blue Throat Trigger
• Female Blue Throat Trigger
• Scribbled Rabbitfish
• Mystery Wrasse
• Lawnmower Blenny
• 3 x Laboutei Fairy Wrasse
• 20 x Dispar Anthias
• Achilles Tang (in quarantine)


• Various Acropora
• Various Montipora
• Various acro crabs
• 3 x Crocea clams
• Reef abalone
• Hermit crabs
• Turbo snails


• 10% Weekly water change
• Weekly skimmer clean
• Monthly 1L carbon change
• Bi-Monthly Zeolite change
• Bi-Weekly glass clean
• Weekly test for Alk & Calcium
• Daily Zeovit Dosing
• Daily filter sock change
• Daily fish feeding
• Daily equipment and livestock check
• Daily RO/DI top ups


Thanks to our sponsors and more importantly an even bigger thanks to our volunteers that make it all possible.

To my reefing mates, many of whom I have become personal friends and constantly lean on for advice, to everyone that has followed my journal, your comments and encouragement has always inspired me to do better and to the TOTM recipients before me, your work has had a massive influence my own reef keeping. Thank you all sincerely.

I would also like to make mention to a couple of very special reefers, Adrian (amashun) and Rod (rodthereefer) who without their guidance my reef tank would never be where it is. Thank you both.

Finally, thanks to my wonderful wife. Who is amazingly supportive of my madness.

I am honoured.