September 2010 - Peter Blagojevic (blags)

Congratulations to Peter Blagojevic on winning TOTM for September 2010 with his bigfoot mixed reef tank. 

Peter is known as blags on the RTAW Forums and you can read more about him tank in his Tank Journal .





I’ve had reef tanks for over 8 years now. I started with a 5’x 18”x 22” then added to it with a 6’x 2’x 28” both of which crashed due to a power supply failure whilst not home in 2005 with almost total losses. After a lot of soul searching and a lot of encouragement from my partner I started again in 2006 with a 7’ x 3’ x 28” mixed reef tank. This went along nicely and was just getting that feel of a real reef until disaster again befell us in Nov 2008 in the form of a house fire. And so began this tank once we were back in the rebuilt house in Sept 2009. I’m nothing if not persistent This is essentially the tank of my dreams, no penny pinching, and no compromise on size or equipment.  The rock structure is based on the reef formations that we snorkelled over on Hideaway Is in Vanuatu. Many a breakfast has been had in front of the tank and also many a bottle of wine in the evening just chilling life’s little worries away. 




10’6”L x 4’W x 28”H (3200mm long x 1220mm wide x 710mm high) Built by Dennison Seeto (rainmun on the forums) from Mary-Anne’s Aquariums. Located in Browns Plains Qld. 




Display Lighting


Currently 4 x 250W Lumen Bright reflectors with 12000k Reeflux globes on Electronic ballasts down the middle and 4 4x80W T5 ATI Powermodules. Two each, along either side. The lights are on a hinged light track for ease of tank maintenance, there is no hood. Lighting is operated by the Profilux III. The right bank of T5 lights come on at 10am followed by the left bank 15 minutes later. The halides progressively come on from 12pm in half hour increments along the tank then go off in the same order from 6pm. The T5 lights turn off in the same order as they went on from 9.15pm. 




10’6”L x 4’W x 41”H (3200mm long x 1220mm wide x 1040mm high) made from 50mm square tube by a work mate who has his own business Brassall Engineering.  






6’L x 3’6”W x 2’H (1830mm long x 1067mm wide x 610mm high). 




3’ x 1’6” (920mm x 460mm).  


Refugium Lighting


2x39W T5 unit 


System Water


Natural salt water 




Display Water circulation


11 x VorTech MP40W two of which are MP40WES models 


Return Pump


Sequence Euro 18,000Lt/hr. 




Bubble King Super Marine 300 with self cleaning head. 


Evaporation Top Up


Auto top up via DIY auto top up unit made from the group buys years ago and it survived the fire 


Calcium Addition


Turbo Dual Stage Calcium Reactor filled with coral rubble. 


Alkalinity Addition


Turbo Dual Stage Calcium Reactor filled with coral rubble. 




Other Chemical Maintenance


Manual dosing of Alkalinity is via the addition of Sodium Bicarbonate. 

Calcium is via the addition of Damprid (Calcium Chloride).

Tropic Marin Phyton and Zooton every few days

Poylp Labs Reef Roids every few days

100% Reef Safe Amino Acid Protein Supplement every few days as well 


Current Water Chemistry


Nitrates: 0 tested with API test kit

Phosphates: .01 to .03 on the MASQ Hanna meter

Alkalinity: 8 to 10 dkh

Calcium:  440 to 460 ppm

Salinity / Specific Gravity: 1.026

Magnesium: About the 1300 to 1350 ppm 



Current fish stock

1 x Zebrasoma xanthurum          Purple Tang

1 x Zebrasoma flavescens          Yellow Tang

1 x Acanthurus dussumieri          Dussumieri Tang

1 x Naso lituratus                       Lipstick Tang

1 x Zebrasoma scopas                Scopas Tang

1 x Paracanthurus hepatus          Blue Tang

1 x Acanthurus olivaceus                        Orange Shoulder Tang

1 x Ctenochaetus binotatus         Twin Spot Bristletooth Tang

1 x Pseudocheilinus ocellatus       Mystery Wrasse

1 x Unidentified Fairy Wrasse

1 x Centropyge loricula               Flame Angel

1 x Centropyge aurantia             Golden Angel

1 x Centropyge flavissima           Lemonpeel Angel

1 x Halichoeres melanurus          Tailspot Wrasse

2 x Coral gobies

1 x Chromis nitida                      Barrier Reef Chromis

2 x Synchiropus splendidus         Green Mandarin Fish

1 x Salarias fasciatus                  Lawnmower Blenny

2 x Lysmata amboinensis            Redline Cleaner Shrimp

1 x Labroides dimidiatus             Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse

7 x Pseudanthias dispar              Dispar Anthia

1 x Neocirrhites armatus             Flame Hawkfish

1 x Paracirrhites arcatus             Arc-eye Hawkfish

1 x Linckia laevigata                   Blue linkia starfish 

Numerous hermit crabs, turbo and strombus snails 




Current coral stock includes


Whilst it is a mixed reef tank the emphasis is on hard corals (SPS).

Various Acropora sp.frags and a few colonies

Euphyllia ancora

Cynarina lacrymalis

Euphyllia glabrescens

Faviidae sp


Lobophyton sp.

Sarcophyton sp.T

racyphyllia geoffroyi

Goniopora sp.

Symphyllia sp. 




Maintenance consists mainly of topping up the RO/DI water every week in the 220Lt barrel. Emptying the skimmer every 3 days with about 6lt of skimmate. Water change every month at a minimum, but I have been a bit slack and let it slide every now and then. Carbon is changed every month. Phosphate remover is changed every month. Only used when required. Glass is cleaned every second or third day. Pumps are removed and thoroughly cleaned every 2 to 3 months to ensure proper and efficient operation. 






This tank wouldn’t have happened after our litany of disasters without the ongoing support and encouragement of my partner, Sue and the many friends I have in this hobby. Without you all this would not have been possible, you know who you are. The tank is still a young tank with plenty of room for more stock and improvement. My idea was for a tank with select corals, fish and inverts to allow for future growth and wellbeing of all the inhabitants.Remember what ever life throws at you, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and set up a bigger and better reef tank!Happy reefing everyone, and thank you for this honour.