August 2010 - Wayne Boulton (sailfin)



Congratulations to Wayne Boulton on winning TOTM for August 2010 with his "Gigantea" of a shallow reef tank. 

Wayne is known as sailfin on the RTAW Forums and you can read more about him tank in his Tank Journal .




 My first interests in marine, mainlyfish started in the late 60s back in the days of doing a bit of snorkellingand spear fishing, my first tank was a old iron bathtub with a borrowedair pump had a heap of great stock in that two starfish and a few snailsBut I really got the bug and started to get into it more fully in the mid 70safter a trip to Townsville and a visit to the public aquarium plus a visitto a scientific giant clam farm on Magnetic Island (I have no idea if this isstill in operation)


From there and a few trips to the GBR aroundCairns I became more interested and went from tank to tank both in size andvarying types of setups I have always kept to very basic filtration types withthe assumption of the less complex it is the less can go wrong. I haveused both the Berlin and Jaubert methods the only one I always wanted to trybut never got around to was the Algae Scrubber method



The Tank


The tank is 60” (150cm) Long x 24” (60cm)Wide x 12” (30cm) High. Overall Cabinet height 54" ap 270 litres


It was designed to be an SPS and Clam onlytank with an open top to view. However after loading it with acroporas  I was somewhat disappointed! It lookedcolourful but just didn’t look natural (well to me anyway) then came thegigantica I kept the clams for quiet a long time but they were hard to placewith the size of the anemone and the way the rock was setup I took them out andthat changed the whole outlook as it is today other than the changing of somelivestock along the way mainly due too growth issues.

It has been running for  3 years next monthSeptember 2007

I replaced the original sump to a bigger sizestill L shaped it is now larger 110cm long x 50cm wide x 30 cm high with anadded height of 30 cm at one end which is to accommodate coral rubble and a fewbio-balls




There is around 100 kilos of live rock aprox10cm sand bed in the DT

I run a basic trickle filter from the maintank there are 2 pipes that carry the water from a weir to a drip tray on topof the trickle system under that is a fine dust dsb (20cm) followed by theskimmer chamber then the refugium with mixed macro algae with a miracle mudsubstrate through a small baffle to the return pump chamber this is where theDi top up water drips into.


I have a Reef Octopus NW 110 skimmer that works well.



Water flow


The only water flow/movement is from thereturn a 7,500 lph pump and a small 1200 lph p/h that sits at the back ofthe tank to give the gigantica a small cross flow.



Originally I had a all in one metal halide 2x 150w 20,000k I changed this to a 4' T5 x 8 tubes now running 5 x 20,000k

2 x 15,000k 1 x A3 actinic these work wellthe anemones and corals are thriving and colour stays in the  few sps corals I however I assume this isworking so well due to the tank height.

Other equipment

The only otherequipment I have is a 30 litre tank at the return pump end with a staffanifloat valve I use DI water in this

Water parameters?

I have no idea I havenever tested the water even when it was first fired up (although I have to saythe tank water was tested just over 12 months ago when a MASS meeting was heldhere a few of the people were somewhat amazed at some of the readings so I wastold) 

Additives and conditioners

1 capful of Carib Sea Aragra Milk I used to dose this daily. But for thepast few months have cut back to every 2nd day I also add 1 spoonful(supplied) of tropic marin bio-calcium and 1 eyedropper full of tropic marinpro-coral iodine once a week.


I have changed the fish list mainly due to size issues Blue tang and yellow tang. List is as follows. 


Choerodon fasciatus
Gomphosus varius
Halichoeres melanurus
Macropharyngodon choati
Amphiprion percula- black
Chromis viridis
Centropyge loricula
Acanthurus nigrofuscus
Amblygobius rainfordi  
Istigobius ornatus
Cirripectes chelomatus
Blenniella chrysospilos
Ecsenius bicolor
Psuedoanthias bartlettorum
Psuedoanthias hypselasoma

Coral / Anemones

Entacmaea quadricolor
Acropora sp.
Euphyllia ancora
Euphyllia paraancora
Blastomussa wellsi
Discosoma sp.
Catalaphyllia jardinei  
Cynarina lacrymalis
Echinophyllia sp.
Euphyllia glabrescens
Faviidae sp
Euphyllia ancora
Plerogyra sinuosa
Euphyllia divisa
Lobophyllia sp.
Lobophyton sp.
Sarcophyton sp.
Tracyphyllia geoffroyi
Mycedium Elephantotus 



Haliotis asinina
Strombus sp
Diadema savignyi
Holothuria sp
Euapta godeffroyi
Holothuria edulis
Saron neglectus
Neopetrolisthes ohshimai
Plus other Assorted Snails



I used to do around 25 litres a week but sincethe new sump I do one fortnightly when I put the new sump in I plumbed it sothere is a pipe through the house wall behind the tank to outside I have a ballvalve plumbed and now all I do is drain the sump and pump fresh NSW back in