April 2010 - Matt Wright (StripestheEel)

Congratulations to Matt Wright on winning TOTM for April 2010 with his Sunlit/T5 Mega Reef. 

Matt is known as StripestheEel on the RTAW Forums and you can read more about him tank in his Tank Journal .



I began reefing around 2003 after my fascination with marine aquaria and endless time watching doco's on television tempted me a little too much. I jumped in head first with mainly FOWLR systems and at one stage had 3-4 tanks all critters from all over the world. A few years later I set up my first "serious" set up, a 6x2x2.5 and walked away from the "all in one" setups I had been using for many years. My previous systems were shut down and merged into the 6 footer. A few years later this tank was shut down due to some misfortune with my health and a subsequent move across the border from NSW to QLD. Was hard to see some of the fish go to new homes as many of them were in my care from day one of the hobby.

With the move came planning for the current tank that you see, the Tang playground. Tangs have always been my favourite fish and with a larger tank comes the space to allow multiple tangs to exercise their natural behavious and live a long and happy life.

This tank has had it's dramas like many tanks and I have definitely become a stronger reefkeeper because of this. Like many reefers I truly believe that fish are the "centrepieces" of any marine tank and the tank has been created to keep them in the limelight. To the uneducated, corals are nice but it is the fish that people relate to.

The current stage of the tank is nowhere near completion and I have only just recently started adding corals (over the past 4-5 months). Still plenty of coral growth to achieve and my aquascaping was done to allow for this.

The Tank

Display Tank 2135mm x 1525mm x 670mm (2200L) - 12mm with 13.5mm base (Built by Dennison @ Maryanne's Aquariums)

Internal weir with Durso Standpipe, Emergency and 2 returns.

The tank has been running for aprox 10 months now.

The stand is 1150mm tall which was constructed in 50mmx50mm galvanised steel, powdercoated in matte black. A pseudo fish room was also created to give myself room to work behind the scenes. Cabinetry has been created to match existing designs in the house to give the effect of the tank "belonging there"


Filtration for this tank is utilised by live rock and skimmer. The sump also contains x2 1200mm x 450mm x 600mm refugium and DSB sections.

Water flow

6 x Vortech MP40W's .

All set to 100%


x3 250mm Solatubes
x2 ATI Powermodule 10x80W T5 Pendant.

Tubes from front to back.

1. ATI Blue+
2. ATI Blue Special
3. ATI Procolor
4. ATI Blue Special
5. ATI Blue+
6. ATI Blue Special
7. ATI Procolor
8. ATI Blue+
9. ATI Blue Special
10. ATI Blue+

Light Period

Sunlight - Dependant on conditions

2:00pm Procolor On
2:30pm Full Lighting On
8:30pm Full Lighting Off
9:00pm Procolor Off

Other equipment

Skimmer is 1400mm tall Dual Recirculating Beckett Skimmer. The skimmer has been worked on by both Acryllic Oceans and Peter Sperling (aka Turbo on these forums).

Tunze Osmolator for ATO.

Teco TC30 Chiller (To date this still has not turned on).

Sequence 12000 Return Pump.

Turbo Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor w/ Tunze Regulator.

Turbo Fludised Bed Filters (One for carbon and one for P04 removal media)

Hailea Ozone Unit

Water parameters?

PH - 8.4
SG - 1.025
KH - 9ish dKH
Calcium - 430ish PPM
Nitrate - 0PPM on Salifert
PO4 - 0.10 (Hannameter)
Temp - 24c - 26c (Winter the tank drops by 2c, summer it increases).

Additives and conditioners

I have only just started VSV dosing to increase water clarity within the tank environment, although other than that all dosing is controlled by the Calcium Reactor (which is still not set up)


x1 Acanthurus Tennenti (Tennenti or Lieutenant Tang)
x1 Acanthurus Lineatus (Clown Tang)
x1 Acanthurus Leucosternon (Powder Blue Tang)
x1 Paracanthus Hepatus (Blue Tang or Regal Tang)
x1 Zebrasoma Flavescens (Yellow Tang)
x1 Pomacanthus Imperator (Emperor Angelfish)
x2 Cirrhilabrus Linneatus ( Linneatus Wrasse)
x1 Pseudocheilinus Ocellatus (Mystery Wrasse)
x1 Helichoeres Chrysus (Banana or Canary Wrasse)
x1 Xanthichthys Auromarginatus (Blue Throat or Blue Chin Triggerfish)
x1 Neocirrhitus Armatus (Flame Hawkfish)
x2 Pseudanthias Pleurotaenia (Squareblock Anthias)
x3 Pseudanthias Squamipinnis (Lyretail Anthias)
x3 Pseudanthias Pascalus (Pascalus or Purple Queen Anthias)
x4 Pseudanthias Hypselosoma (Stocky Anthias)
x10 Pseudanthias Dispar (Dispar Anthias)
x4 Pseudanthias Cooperi (Flame or Rose Anthias)
x2 Pseudanthias Bicolor (Bi-Color Anthias)


Acropora sp.
Millepora sp.
Stylophora sp.
Poccilopora sp.
Ricordea sp.
Anthelia sp.
Xenia sp.


x10 Strombus alatus (Strombus Snails)
x1 Lysmatta Amboinensis (Redline Cleaner Shrimp)
x2 Holothuria thomasi (Tigertail Cucumber)
Unknown amounts of Turbo and Trochus Snails


Monthly 25% WC using NSW.
Daily/Weekly glass clean.
Weekly skimmer collection cup clean.
Daily visual inspection of all tank equipment.
Daily visual inspection of livestock.


Firstly and most importantly I would like to thank my olds for letting me destroy the families house. Secondly the MASx societies and their members, MASQ specifically. Without the support every gives not just me but each other, no wonder the community that we are all a part of is so helpful.

I would like to think that over the years I have given back what I have taken in regards to information and help, so thankyou. I live life for the reef and its inhabitants.... long live the reef!