January 2010 - Michael Gravenall (mgrav)

Congratulations to Michael Gravenall on winning TOTM for January 2010 with his Zeovit Cube!

Michael is known as mgrav on the RTAW Forums and you can read more about his tank in his Tank Journal .




I started in the hobby 10 years ago with a small 1.5ft fresh water tropical tank with a small internal filter and a single t8 fluro lamp for lighting. It wasn't long before I walked into a Fish store that stocked marine fish/coral (Reef and river in Geelong) from the moment I saw these intencley colourful fish I knew they were for me. After that I think it was around 1 month when I purchased my first marine Fish only tank. From there it wasn't long before I started eyeing off the beautiful looking corals and inverts. All this is what has got me where I am today which is what I call a passion for the hobby and others just call it an addiction. Either way I love the hobby and the constant learning possibilities.


Current Setup


My current tank is a 750mm cube in 12mm glass witth euro bracing. Reason for the size was so that I could get the largest size tank I could with out it taking up to much space.  I was living with my parents at the time the tank was first set up. The tank has been running now for 18months. My stand was made by me from 90x35 pine for the frame and lined with Tasmainian hardwood. The stand has 3 sides accessible with swinging doors.


Sump and Refugium


My sump is a 600x450x450mm glass tank with 2 baffles to help with micro bubbles





I have a total of around 40-50kgs of live rock with a faux sand bed which I used a clear epoxy with A.R.M reactor media to give it the sand bed look. I also run the ZEOvit system to keep my nutrients in check. I run a Deltec Apf600 skimmer.




Water Flow


Being a difficult tank to suit water movement to I use 2x tunze 6100's and 1x Vortech mp40w. This gives me some strong random currents which my corals/fish seem to love.




Water Parameters


Alk- 7.0dkh

Ca- 430ppm

Mag- 1300ppm

Potasium- 390mg/L

Salinity- 1.026

p04- 0.01

Nitrates- Not tested





I run a single 400watt 12k reeflux bulb on a magnetic ballast in a Lumenarc III reflector.

I supplement this with 2x24watt AquaZ actinic and 2x24watt KZ new gen t5's. The MH runs for 8hours a day and the t5's for 11 hours.



Other Equipment  

I use a tunze osmolator for topping up fresh Ro/Di water. For the supply of Calcium and Alkalinity I use a Grotech TECIII dosing unit which also doses Tropic marin mineral salts to even out the chloride being added through both Calcuim chloride and also magnesium chloride. For heating and cooling I run a schego 250 watt heater and a Grotech 4 fan unit.





1x Ctenochaetus strigosus - Spotted surgeonfish

1x Pseudocheilinus hexataenia - Sixline wrasse

3x Ptereleotris zebra - Chinese zebra goby

2x Amphiprion ocellaris - Clownfish 1x Orange, 1x Black






I have 2x Tridacna maxima and 1x Tridacna crocea.

Various Cerithium sp, Haliotis sp, Turbo sp and Tectus sp that keep my rockwork/tank clean.






Mostly Acropora sp, Montipora sp, Stylophora sp, Seriatopora sp. with a couple of Euphyllia sp and Ricordia sp.





Firstly I would like to shout out a massive thanks to the people and volunteers of RTAW with out your wealth of information my tank would be no where near where it is today. I would also like to thank my beautiful girlfriend for allowing me the time to not only maintain the tank but also come and chat with my fellow hobbists on RTAW. A big thanks to Ernie at Reeflections for putting up with my constant presence over the past 6-7 years you are a true champion of the hobby.