August 2009 - Edison Kheng Ly (RedLineR)

Congratulations to Edison Kheng Ly on winning TOTM for August 2009 with his fabulous reef tank!

Edi is known as RedLineR on the RTAW Forums and you can read more about his tank in his Tank Journal.




It all started when I first saw my friend's marine tank and decided to take up the hobby. Over six years later, after being inspired by some beautiful and amazing tanks from members of MASA (some of which I have personally seen in real life). I now have a tank dominated with SPS and Zoanthids.


I have gone through so many size tanks over the past 6 six years that I have almost lost count. My first tank was a standard 2ft with canister filter. I knew almost nothing about the hobby, as I started gathering information on RTAW, the more knowledge I gained, things like, the sump, overflow, water chemistry, quarantine tank, and more. I soon upgraded my tank from 2ft to 3ft to 6ft to 8ft, but soon found myself reversing the tank size because I had to reduced the cost of running the tank and I had less and less time to look after it.


So many times I had thought about leaving this hobby but it keeps pulling me back in. I decided to have a tank that was easy to maintain, that plan was going well until I met Thai, his tank inspired me to put a bit more effort into my tank and go with SPS.


My future plan is to have a 3ft x 3ft x 1.5ft tank when our dream house is built.



Current Setup


My current setup is a 68cmx57cmx50cm tank which holds just a bit less than 200Litres. It is over 2 years old, but it wasn't always smooth sailing along the way. I had always struggled with maintaining the nutrient level. It took me over 6 months to get on top of things, through regular maintenance of water changes and RO Top-ups.


The tank sits on a DIY stand that I built myself because I wanted a specific dimension to fit where it was being placed. It is designed so I can fit my skimmer inside the sump.

I have a 60cm x 50cm x 45cm size sump that has been split into 4 sections. I use a gravity fed fresh water top-up using a DIY float valve into the sump.


Equipment List


- Resun 1500 (return pump)

- Reef Octopus CR-100 Calcium reactor +2kg CO2 bottle

- Reef Octopus NW110 Protein Skimmer (modified with enkamat)

- 300W Sera heater

- Resun CL450 Chiller

- Lumenarc Reflector

- 250W Metal halide (20000k AMD bulb)

- 5000L and 3000L Hydor copy pump

- Moon Lighting

- RO unit for top-up

- 500L water storage tank

- Hagen Test Kits (Alkalinity, Calcium, Nitrate, Phosphate)

- Salifert Test Kits (Magnesium)





About 80kgs of live rock in the main tank and about 10kg in the sump. The first section of the sump contains live rock rubble which then flows into the second section which contains live rock and macro algae. The flow into the third section has carbon wedged between the glass to keep the water clear and the third section has a 15cm high DSB and skimmer. Fourth section is the return and float valve for top-up.  





I do gradual water changes over two days per week of 10% each day.

Vodka dosing of 0.4ml per day

Dose Amino acid each day

Dose Iodine each day

Clean skimmer every 3 days

Clean glass once a week





The 250W Metal Halide is run 7.5 hours per day. Moon light turns on after the MH turns off.


Starts at 12pm and turns off at 7:30pm and moon lights stay on until 1am. The reason why I start the MH at 12:00pm is because I have natural sunlight that shines on the tank in the morning and it also allows me to see the tank for about an hour each day before the lights go out after coming home from work.


Sump lights turn on at 10:00am till 6:00pm



Fish & Inverts


These fishes have been with me since the beginning of my hobby. They are troopers and have gone through just about all my tank disasters. All of them are very healthy.  My plan is to move my foxface to a much bigger tank in the very near future.

- Six Line Wrasse

- Foxface

- Bi-Colour Blenny

- 4 x Clams

- Rose bubble tip anemone (3cm hitchhiker)

- Lots of turbo snails

- Hermit crabs

- Lots of Acropora crabs

- 3 x Peppermint shrimps

- Mysis shrimp in the sump

- Lots of other critters





- Acropora

- Montipora

- Zoanthids

- Morphs





I would like to thank my beautiful wife for putting up with me and this hobby. Also, a thankyou to my mates on MASA (Thai & Michael) for your support and acro frags. To Paul from Ocean Reflection at Liverpool for all his great service and stock (this is where most of my SPS came from). Finally, a big thankyou to MASA for all the information and support you have given me. Being voted TOTM is a huge surprise to me and now I have to step-up one better in my next setup.