Promotions, Competitions & Sponsorship Team

The MASA Promotions, Competitions & Sponsorship Team (PC&S Team). To see the current list of team-members please see PC&S Usergroup.

 This Team is overseen by 2 MASA committee positions:

- the MASA Promotions, Competitions & Sponsorship Coordinator (currently nUm), and

- the MASA Business Liaison / Partnership Coordinator (currently Onsan).

The PC&S Team organise several competitions & promotions including the monthly Photo Competition, Tank of the Month competition, and Tank of the Year. Major events including the Frag Growth Competition were also organised by the PC&S Team.

If you are interested in being part of the MASA Promotions, Competitions & Sponsorship Team, you need to

- be a member of one of the MAS's (local societies)

- have been an active member of the RTAW Forum for at least a few months.

To be part of the PC&S Team, please apply to your local MASx and theywill either approve or reject the application. If you are rejected,please understand that it is likely because they are not familiar withyou and need to be cautious of who they approve to become arepresentative of MASA.

All PC&S Team-members are MASA volunteers and carry the MASA Volunteer rank next to their username: